More than 95 percent of the homes tested in the area have no or very low levels of lead, however, homes built before 1927 within the City of Cincinnati, are more likely to have lead pipes. However, GCWW encourages all customers to do a scratch test to check their water pipes, regardless of the age of their residence.

GCWW currently has an estimated 18,000 utility-owned (public) lead service lines still in service -- which represents only about 7 percent of its total lines. GCWW is completely compliant with the existing lead regulations and the corrosion control treatment does minimize the lead coming from these lines, but since the lines are present they do pose a potential risk.

To determine if the utility-owned (public) portion of your water service is lead, GCWW has implemented this Lead Look Up customer query, which enables customers to access GCWW water service line information specific to your account. Simply fill in the form below.

You will need to have your account number, or the phone number associated with the account.

Look Up Form

Beginning on August 1st 2016 all accounts were given a new 10 digit account number. If you do not know your new account number please use our Account Number Lookup.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works Enhanced Program

GCWW is working to implement several recommendations and solutions that will assist our customers and improve our water distribution system.

GCWW's enhanced program is divided into two tiers:

The Tier 1 initiatives are built around outreach, education, and communication and have already begun to be put in place.

The Tier 2 strategies consist of long-term solutions to assist in getting the lead service lines out of the system.

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